Your questions answered.

What should I do in preparation for my plastering work to be completed and do I need to take up my carpets?
We would encourage you to clear the room as much as possible, but there is no need to take up carpets. We will take it from there ensuring that everything is adequately covered before starting any work.

How long do I need to wait for plaster to dry out before decorating?
The longer you can leave it the better! Four to five days is about the minimum time we would recommend you wait until decorating. You will notice the plaster changes from dark to light pink as it dries.

Can I apply paint and wallpaper directly on plastered walls?
Before decorating you should always seal the walls with a good quality plaster sealer such as one part PVA to five parts water. However, it is also possible to purchase 'sealer' paint for use with new plaster or a watered-down matt emulsion.

If I have mould on my walls, do they need to re-plastering?
Your walls probably do not need to be re-plastered unless damp has started to damage the plaster and it has ‘blown’. In this case you must first remedy the cause of the damp before re-plastering.

How do I know if my plaster is ‘blown’?
You will know if your plaster is ‘blown’ if when you tap it gently with your finger you hear a small hollow noise rather than a sharp solid sound. You may also notice that the plaster bulges slightly and moves inwards when pressed.

How long does it take to plaster a room?
We would aim to complete any room in the shortest amount of time possible to ensure as little inconvenience as possible. Rooms can normally be completed in two to three days depending on the size of the room.

Would you be able to supply a quote?
We are happy to provide free estimates. Please contact us to enable us to provide you with an estimate of the cost of the work required. Should you require a written quotation we would need to visit to thoroughly assess the work required. A written quotation will then be sent to you through the post and is valid for 3 months.

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